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Bhutan, a land blessed by mother nature, is serene yet vibrant with its beautiful arts & crafts and colourful monasteries. The crisp air suddenly feels warm and comfortable as the locals welcome you with their smiles. We are happy to present an experiential trip which introduces your kids to this beautiful and pure country, which stresses upon Gross Happiness Index over the materialistic world we know.

Highlights of the tour:

  • Get an insight into Bhutanese culture by visiting their home
  • Dress up in their national costume and learn more about their traditions by interacting with them
  • Learn the nuances of Bhutan paintings
  • Watch your kids play and interact with the local kids and learn their local games 
  • Spend a night in a camp at a scenic locale
  • Participate in the holy ritual of lighting a 1000 lamps at a monastery and attend a prayer session
  • Hike the Tiger's Nest monastery and later soak yourself up in an authentic Datsho (local hot stone bath)
  • Besides this enjoy gentle hikes and of course the fresh air, warm hospitality and breathtaking scenery

7 nights / 8 days from Rs. 37000 per person for an exclusive trip for your family. Write to us for more details on

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