About Us

We are boutique travel company specializing in Luxury Experiential Trips. With our experience and connections formed over the last 2 decades, we curate authentic experiences for our clients who are passionate about travelling.

We organize small groups from time to time, which are value for money and a good option for solo travellers. Our main forte is planning a tailor-made trip for those seeking something different and a more immersive experience out of their holiday. Some examples are private breakfast and tour at the Vatican with a docent, workshops related to art, craft, music, dance & food, private performances, to name a few.

SOL Trips believes that all human beings essentially want to do good for others however, acts of care and support to fellow human beings often tend to be occasional and irregular. Hence we have pledged to contribute part of our profits to Tracks We Leave (TWL) who shares our ethos.

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